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Midwest Metalcore Band

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Based out of Lincoln,Nebraska, 5 piece metalcore band As Tides Rise was founded in 2020 by members Micah Murphy, Brandon Maynard, Alex Martino, Austin Staton, and Tristan Wallitsch. As Tides Rise” gained traction fast with their two stand-alone singles “Break the Waves” and “Yours Truly”, With “Yours Truly” being featured on Ghost Killer Entertainment's Spotify playlist “Emo Never Dies” with over 37,000 listeners. With only being in the scene for less than a year As Tides Rise has already opened for some noteworthy national acts such as saving Abel, Hinder, Attack Attack!, blacktop Mojo, Convictions, and Kingdom Collapse. As Tides Rise is currently in the studio working on their debut E.P. with a release date set to be announced soon. The members of As Tides Rise came together with an extensive background of influences from each member that they blended together to make the energetic sound that they have today. With influences from 90’s nu metal, metalcore, and alternative rock, As Tides Rise prides themselves on the sound they have made and their energetic live performances.


Yours TrulyAs Tides Rise
00:00 / 04:08
Break the WavesAs Tides Rise
00:00 / 04:06


Ghost Killer Entertainment - 

"As Tides Rise’s 2nd single release ever “Yours Truly” has all of the ingredients to make a tasty metalcore smash. 

Starting off the song with that bendy and bouncy intro riff always is the move when building up anticipation but As Tides Rise took it a step further by not giving you the full entree first. Oh no, instead they built it up even more with a tom kick and snare build. Moving into the song, The guitar work is what is really catching and leading the song, like in the verse, quick little accents of harmonics bring a different element and creates the atmosphere for the clean vocals to really make an impact. The whole song feels like one big build up and it did not disappoint when it drops! The stand out was the utilization of where the guitar solo was. It didn’t take away from any heaviness at all and instead really created excitement!" 


Screams Media - 

"The song combines classic metalcore harsh vocals with clean melodies in a very unique way. "Yours Truly" delivers a solid sound with a lot of variation, melody and power. A hint at influences may be there, but each member of As Tides Rise easily adds their own fingerprint to the final product, creating a catchy overall sound."


570 Press - 

"Metalcore band “As Tides Rise” just released their new video for their song, “Break the Waves” and our team got an exclusive first look!  From here, the music kicks in! I was blown away. As someone who is and always has been a huge fan of metalcore, and just heavy duty rock in general, this knocked it right out of the park. The vocals are powerful and heartfelt, and flow together perfectly with the music. The instruments are super powerful and in-your-face. This is the first time in a long time I have heard a track with such clear, heavy bass in it, similar to that of classic Amity Affliction. The video to me tells a story of desolation and isolation, and uses the imagery to convey this message. All in all, I truly enjoyed this track and the video, and I cannot wait to hear more from As Tides Rise!"

Stories From the Crowd - 

"Luckily, the band did not disappoint. I've seen professional bands who have millions of listens on Spotify who would've been outshined by As Tides Rise. The band was extremely interactive with the crowd and had amazing energy. I had so much fun listening to the music, and as I watched the whole crowd headbanging along, you could feel the band pulling them in with their charm. As Tides Rise did an awesome job warming up the crowd for Blacktop Mojo and gave a humble show of gratitude for everyone rocking out with them."


For Booking and General Info:

Manager: Paul Crosby @ PCM


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